WEEKLY Worship Services

Saturdays: 5:00pm - Holy Eucharist Rite II Contemporary, with a Praise Band


  • 7:30am: Holy Eucharist Rite I (Church), quiet service with hymns
  • 9:00am: Holy Eucharist Rite II (Church), family service with choirs, praise songs and hymns
  • 11:15am - Holy Eucharist Rite I (Church), a blend of music in a variety of styles with organ, guitar and voices


  • 7:00am: Holy Eucharist Rite II (Church)
  • 10:30am: Holy Eucharist Rite I with Healing Prayer (Church)
  • 5:30pm: Prayer Service (Church) based on “An Order for the Evening” from the BCP. Come for 30 minutes of calm in the middle of the week with music, prayers, the Bible, and a brief meditation

For more information on what to expect in worship, visit HERE.


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