The social hour, held in the Parish Hall between the 9:00 and 11:15am services on Sundays, offers an opportunity for general fellowship and light refreshments. It is hosted by various ministry groups, or individuals. Contact: Janeen Merrill


The Newcomers Ministry strives to see that no newcomer or visitor attending Holy Trinity leaves as a stranger. They, along with the ushers and greeters, search out new faces, and through conversation, try to learn a little about the visitors, and invite them to sign the guest book and complete a newcomer card. They also answer questions, provide any needed directions, and try to make the visitors/newcomers feel welcome. Further, they personally deliver a newcomer’s gift bag, invite them to the next newcomer potluck dinner, honor them at our annual Newcomer Appreciation Weekend, and help them find a volunteer ministry that would best use their gifts. Contact: Linda Edwards

GREETERS (9:00am Service)

All of us at Holy Trinity want our newcomers and visitors to feel welcome. Our greeters’ main purpose is to search out new faces, while at the same time welcome all with a smile and a sincere greeting. They stand ready to answer any questions about the church and/or service, provide directions to restrooms, the Parish Hall, etc. and give any other assistance needed. Contact: Cathryn Thornton