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LiftUp Young Lives is designed to help young people realize their purpose and give them the tools they need to succeed in life. Through the curriculum made specifically for teens and young adults, LiftUp will help unlock potential and promote balanced personal development in five different areas of growth which we call success pillars:  life skills, social skills, leadership & professionalism, financial responsibility and spiritual empowerment.  Through two levels of teaching and mentoring, students will learn valuable lessons which will put them ahead of most teens and young adults.  Upon graduation of Level 1, the student will automatically be eligible to enroll in Level 2 and will receive a laptop computer with Microsoft Office and anti-virus protection software programs.  After completing Level 2, graduates will then be gifted a good used car.  

Vision:  Equip and empower teens and young adults aging out of foster care, homeless and rescued from human trafficking with the skills and mindset to thrive emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually.

Mission:  Teach and mentor teens and young adults through emerging programs in five areas of growth and development through LiftUp’s success pillars.

LiftUp was developed to facilitate the training concepts of instruction, mentoring and practical experience. Everything we do is built upon this foundation, and these five areas are the pillars that excellence is built on:

1. Social Skills
Building relationships is a crucial part of life and can sometimes be a challenge. In Level 1, LiftUp  incorporates ‘Success for Teens: Real Teens Talk About Using The Slight Edge’ to help young people in the program learn good social habits. These habits will help build social growth as well as give ideas on how to promote good self-evaluation and self-improvement in everyday life. 

2. Life Skills
Everyday life can be hectic. The area that can suffer most with all these other responsibilities is just that; the stresses of everyday life. It is important that the students not only learn about the different skills need to thrive in life, but also build confidence to put it into practice. We will give students an opportunity to put practical application into place with the skills learned through LiftUp, so that each student can adopt good, constructive habits in their everyday life. 

3. Leadership & Professionalism
We want to help young adults become young professionals and leaders.  Through two levels of LiftUp, topics will equip students to present themselves in the business world and help them build confidence in seeking employment. The program incorporates first impressions, resume building,  presentation skills, leadership and others. We recognize the importance of instructing young adults on what employers look for in employees, help prepare them through “mock interviews” and how they can best exemplify professionalism as they transition into adulthood. 

4. Financial Responsibility
Learning how to make and manage money is a crucial skill to learn.  In this day and age, earning money is not good enough, you also have to be a good steward of what you earn. Through the LiftUp program, students will learn the concepts of spend, save and share.   We want teens and young adults to be fully prepared for the financial world and the challenges faced as they are learning to manage their money effectively. LiftUp teaches the importance of budgeting, getting and staying out of debt, building credit, etc. This will give students the ability to thrive in the financial market instead of just staying afloat.

5. Spiritual Growth
LiftUp is a Christian-based program that understands the importance of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The program was created in a way to explain the basics of Christianity in an engaging and understanding way. It focuses on and puts into practice a variety of different areas of Christian development, including understanding salvation, prayer, tithing, spiritual gifts, forgiveness, and dealing with trials.  


  1. Student completes application and submits to
  2. A meet and greet is scheduled with our team
  3. Student is notified prior to program start date
  4. Photos and essay document taken at first class

Age Requirements:

Level 1:  16-21 years of age (can be 15 but must turn 16 during the program)
Level 2:  17-23 years of age (students must be 18 to receive their car, ages may be extended in each level on a case by case basis)

MEETING DATES AND TIMES (during the school year)

Wednesdays, 5:15 - 8:15pm
5:15 - 5:30pm:  Connection Time
5:30 - 6:00pm:  Evening Prayer Service at Whole Church Family Night
6:00 - 6:30pm:  Buffet Dinner
6:30 - 8:15pm:  Class (living skills, social skills, financial responsibility, and leadership and professionalism)

Saturdays, 3:15 - 6:15pm
3:15 - 5:00pm:  Class (spiritual empowerment through the Alpha Program for Teens)
5:00 - 6:15pm:  Contemporary Church Service

For more information and to donate, visit the LiftUp Young Lives website.  


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