At Holy Trinity there are many ways to support others and to receive support during times of need. Scroll through the ministries below for more information.


It is vital to our church family and community that we visit those who are in the hospital. It is our desire and commitment here at Holy Trinity to visit our people every day of their hospital stay. We are able to accomplish this through the help of both the lay ministers and the clergy. If you know you are going to be admitted to the hospital and would like us to visit you please contact the church office, 723-5272. If you go to the hospital through the ER please have one of your family members or yourself contact us. Because of the confidentiality laws the hospital is not allowed to give out your names to us. Contact: Church Office


Knitters (both men and women) say prayers while they are knitting or crocheting. After the shawls are blessed in a church service, they are given to members of the parish, family members, or friends, either in the hospital, in nursing homes, or at home. If you know someone who needs to be wrapped in prayer, stop by the Church Office during office hours and pick up a shawl, along with a prayer card and a gift bag. New participants in this ministry are very welcome. If you already knit, great! If you would like to learn to knit to engage in this ministry, then they will be glad to teach you. Contact: Beverly Lewis


There seems like endless ways at Holy Trinity to receive prayers for yourself or your loved ones. Here are just a few:

Parish Prayer List
This prayer list consists of names of parishioners, friends, and family members who, with their permission, are on our prayer list. This list is made available to anyone in our church and can be picked up either in the Narthex, the church office or in the Chapel. The people on this prayer list are prayed for during the Healing service every Wednesday morning at 10:30am in the chapel. If you would like to add someone to this list, simply contact the parish secretaries by phone (321-723-5272) or E-MAIL.

Prayer Chain
There are a faithful group of people who pray daily for those in need. This is a confidential prayer chain, not published. If you believe that your gifts are in this area of intercessory prayer and would like to be a part of this prayer chain please contact Fr. Steve Easterday. If you would like to request prayer for someone, simply contact the parish secretaries by phone (321-723-5272) or E-MAIL.

Special Prayer Sessions
Some members of the prayer team are available to meet during a scheduled time for confidential prayer. They are trained to pray for intercession, for inner healing, spiritual guidance, soaking prayer, and generational healing. A special Prayer Room (located next to the Gallery) is available so that prayer time is kept confidential. Appointments may be made by simply contacting the parish secretaries by phone (321-723-5272) or E-MAIL. Contacts: Sandra Bryan, Janet Gray, Ann Lorelle

Sunday Morning Altar Prayers
A prayer team of lay people and clergy rotate regularly so that two persons are available to offer personal prayer at Sunday’s 9:00am service during Holy Communion. They are available at the back of the church to pray and listen with God to all needs for intercession and prayers of thanksgiving. Simply proceed to the back of the church at the appointed time.


The clergy and people of Holy Trinity regularly pray for healing. There is a healing service with Holy Eucharist every week on Wednesday at 10:30am in the Historic Chapel. On the first Wednesday of each  month Fr. Steve offers a time of intercessory prayer and teaching on healing from 9:15 to 10:15am, also in the Chapel. 


The ECC provides professional counseling in a Christian setting in several offices throughout the Diocese. Our Counseling Center is located on Church property in a building immediately west of Pearson Hall. The services of the Counseling Center are available to anyone, regardless of church membership. Some insurance plans are accepted. Referrals come from a variety of sources including clergy, the Melbourne Women’s Center, area physicians, mental health professionals, and present or former clients. It is through the support of parishioners that this ministry continues to meet the counseling needs within our parish family, within the Episcopal community, and as an outreach to the people of south Brevard County. For more information, you may call the ECC, or visit their WEBSITEContact: Sharon Jones (Licensed Mental Health Counselor): 321-952-5482

The people of Holy Trinity may be involved through making referrals and by holding the staff and clients in prayer. The congregation can also support the ministry by making contributions to the Barnabas Fund which enables those who are in need of counseling and cannot afford it, to take advantage of professional Christian counseling.


Typically on Monday mornings, volunteers of this ministry disassemble the altar flower arrangements from the weekend services, and then use the flowers for several smaller arrangements. These are then delivered to parishioners. Helpers are needed to make the flower arrangements, and also to deliver the flowers to their intended recipients. If this is a ministry that would fit into your schedule, please call. Contacts: Anna Bourne (Arranging), Sandy Blankenship (Delivery)


Send Me, Lord Ministry provides help with transportation, meals, shut-in visits, and caregiver relief by our brothers and sisters in Christ wherever and whenever one of our flock needs it. We always welcome new volunteers! Your schedule determines your involvement, and hours vary depending on need. Being able to help from time to time is all that is necessary! Please call us if you’d like to help, or if you need a little help. To receive help from or volunteer for Send Me, Lord, simply contact the parish secretaries by phone (321-723-5272) or E-MAIL.


Many members of our parish family who are homebound or in hospitals are visited by our Licensed Eucharistic Visitors (LEVs). These visitors are licensed by the Bishop in order to share the Holy Communion with those who cannot make it to church on Sunday. Most LEVs are assigned to visit one person per month at a time convenient to both the LEV and the person being visited. Some LEVs may visit hospital patients, but most visit homes or care centers. They use a brief printed service that includes prayers and Bible readings. The qualifications needed for this ministry are simply that you be a confirmed communicant in good standing of Holy Trinity and a compassionate, prayerful person, who is able to be a patient and supportive presence to someone experiencing the frailties of life. Contact: Deacon Stacey Westphal