We have a very active Acolyte Ministry at Holy Trinity. Acolytes (3rd grade - adult) assist the clergy in worship serving as crucifer, torchbearer, altar server, and thurifer. Our prayer is that all acolytes experience the joy of God’s presence as they serve. This Acolyte Ministry also meets the criteria for required Community Service for high school students. New acolytes are welcomed at any time. Chris Arter takes care of the Acolyte schedule, and Holy Trinity Verger Vern Lester assists and supports our acolytes. Contact: Chris Arter / Vern Lester


The duties of the Altar Guild are to prepare for every service taking place in the church and chapel, including Holy Eucharists, Morning Prayer services, baptisms, weddings, funerals, and memorials. Included in the Altar Guild are the Linen, Flower, and Wedding Groups. This is a very special ministry that we all offer to Our Lord, as we prepare for His presence among us. We have three teams of men and women who serve on a monthly basis, as well as individuals who work only one specific service. Contact: Judy Henderson

The Linen Guild
The Linen Guild is an extension of the Altar Guild. Its purpose is to make and repair altar linens. Anyone interested in fine hand sewing and embroidery is welcome. They meet on the first Monday of every month at 10:00am in Lewis Hall. Contact: Dorothy Forde

The Flower Guild
Members of the Flower Guild are dedicated to providing arranged flowers and/or greenery for the altar to make a more beautiful setting for the acts of worship and to remind the congregation of the wonders of the world created by God. Anyone interested in becoming a member need not have any experience as they will be trained fully in this special art. Contact: Judy Henderson

ALTAR FLOWERS: If you wish to memorialize a loved one or to give thanksgiving to God for some special person or reason with altar flowers, your request will be listed in the Sunday bulletin on the Sunday of your choice. A donation is customary; envelopes are available in the Pew Racks. Flowers are not placed on the altar during the seasons of Advent and Lent, however names are listed in the bulletin. All money donated during Advent and Lent will be given to Habitat for Humanity to assist them in their work. Contact: Bonnie Register

The Wedding Guild
The Wedding Guild assists with all the details of weddings held in the church or chapel. They begin at the rehearsal going over things such as proper order of the wedding procession, and ushering guidelines. The day of the wedding, they help with any last minute details. Their purpose is to make things run smoothly and keep the day holy. Contact: 
Nance Burroughs

GREETERS (9:00am service)

All of us at Holy Trinity want our newcomers and visitors to feel welcome. Our greeters’ main purpose is to search out new faces, while at the same time welcome all with a smile and a sincere greeting. They stand ready to answer any questions about the church and/or service, provide directions to restrooms, the Parish Hall, etc. and give any other assistance needed. Contact: Cathryn Thornton

USHERS (7:30 & 9:00am services)

Ushers serve at the Sunday services to assist parishioners, newcomers, or guests as they arrive. In addition to making sure all have bulletins, they are available to answer questions or be of assistance in any way they can. They also collect the offering at these services. Any person interested in becoming an usher will receive training and be placed on a scheduled usher team. Contact: Vince Angleton


A Lector is a lay person trained in reading Scripture appointed by the Rector to read Lessons, Psalms or lead the Prayers of the People during a service. Lectors have a critical role in the celebration of the Liturgy as they proclaim the Word of God. There is no license required for this lay ministry. Contact: Janet Gray


A Licensed Eucharistic Minister (LEM) is a lay person licensed by the Bishop to administer the consecrated elements of the Eucharist. Here at Holy Trinity, the LEM is the chalice bearer, serving the wine during Communion. Special training is required for this ministry. Contact: Janet Gray