THYY KINGDOM COME: Global Wave of Prayer

Ascension Day to Pentecost May 21-31, 2020 


The following links will direct you to a variety of resources available to participate in the ten days of prayer for Thy Kingdom Come. We encourage you to commit to praying for five people you know, by name, to come to know Jesus or to enter into a deeper relationship with him. We also encourage you to pray for you city, the nation and the world particularly in the time of this COVID-19 pandemic. Pray that the cleansing wind of the Holy Spirit will bring healing and an end to the virus. Pray for our medical workers, scientists and governments. Consider setting up a specific prayer space in your home with candles, a bible, and a cross.

You can also find Daily Prayer Apps and other Thy Kingdom Come Apps for both Apple and Android and more information is available at

Materials for families with children will be mailed out from KC Crawley. If you would like us to print any of the materials for you, please contact the church office.

Daily Prayer for Thy Kingdom Come:

Daily Prayer Journal:

Prayer and Care:

Journey with Mary from the Ascension to Pentecost:

Novena: Listening on the Way 9 Days of Prayer: